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I look back on my life and think about how far I have come.  Life was never easy; in fact, it was downright hard.  My life has always been a struggle and nothing ever came easy. 


I battled self-esteem issues and fought to pay for college. Then, after the birth of my children, I was a whopping 200 pounds and had to battle weight issues. It all seemed so much!


But I was raised by , a single mother who did the best she could to raise me.  The lessons she would teach me when I was younger would follow me, test me, and eventually help me. 


Integrity and loyalty have been the center of how I have walked through this life.  Self-discipline would be my guiding light and the thing that would take my life to the next level but self-doubt would be my worst enemy.   


Has anyone ever told you weren’t good enough to do something?  Did someone make you feel ugly? 


I can say I have had an uphill battle from figuring out how to pay for college, to an abusive relationship, to a violent rape that would at times paralyze me. 


Finding the right path that would become my life would be my journey and lead me to create a company that understands that life is not always kind to women.  

Bubble Pop Beauty would become my newest child with the one goal of making women feel good about themselves because we all have those ugly moments.  It would become my legacy to my daughter and be the lesson in life that you can become and do whatever you want.  


Bubble Pop Beauty is a company for Women By Women designed to help change the lives of women who fight the unforgiving battles that life throws at us.  We pride ourselves on women feeling good about whom they are and made a promise to donate a portion of proceeds to helping local charities that assist women and children.  


I get it because I can say I have experienced it all - I have felt the depths of hell and I climbed out and I want other women to find their light.  


Ladies, pop the bubble and be the woman you need to be.. 


Sincerely with gratitude and appreciation,


Forever a Dreamer, 


Christina C. Crawford 

CEO Bubble Pop Beauty.

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