Twenty-Somethings: Making the Best of it

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Make the most of your 20s – it’s a great time of life. No, really, it is. For any downside – student loans, career uncertainties – you’re an adult and can make decisions on your own. If you screw up, there’s plenty of time to make amends. For most people, it’s the peak of their beauty and sexuality, and they don’t have the family obligations so common in later decades. Travel, learn, explore – have fun!



Your 21st birthday makes a true rite of passage, as you can finally drink legally. No more phony IDs or getting older people to buy alcohol for you. It’s not so much the idea of getting sloshed at 21, but knowing you can go to the trendiest bars and nightclubs with friends and have a good time. You’re still at the stage where “roughing it” in terms of travel and living is more romantic than uncomfortable. It’s likely none of your friends have a lot of money, unless they’re getting it from mom and dad, so enjoying yourself isn’t cost-prohibitive.





Think of your 20s as the foundation of the rest of your life. It’s time for the first serious job – or at least trying to get on a career path – the first apartment, perhaps the first important relationship. You’re learning who you are, without constant parental oversight. New people, outside of the college bubble, come into your life. Consciously or unconsciously, you are planning for your future. You’re getting a better handle on what you like, what you don’t like or want to do, and ways to accomplish your goals.



So, if the 20s are an adventurous, sexy, risk-taking time, is the rest of life downhill from here? Of course not – it’s just different. As you get older, your priorities change. Whether it’s career, family or finances, other issues become more central to your life. The truth is there are great things in every decade. You just have to prepare for them.



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