Act Like a Man: What Does That Even Mean?

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Most males function under the mistaken belief that nearly all women are highly sensitive.


When considering that characteristics of sensitivity exist in large percentages of both male and female populations (remember the Amazonian women? They are, in several cultures, more reality than myth!).  And it would be valuable for women to keep this fact in mind.


In our culture at least, it is more socially acceptable for women to exhibit sensitive characteristics, yet less so when males reveal their sensitive side.  This is particularly true in the workplace, where male sensitivity is often suppressed.


A woman can learn important lessons from this emotional suppression coping mechanism, as she seeks to maneuver through the many obstacles in her chosen career.  For an individual to achieve high levels of success in any corporate environment, that person must necessarily adapt to the mold their environment presents.


This skill of adaptation can bear great fruit in many other, more entrepreneurial ventures, as it often provides the very key that unlocks doors leading to extraordinary achievement. When women are presented with a choice between wearing their sensitivity on their sleeves or showing a thick skin, they should almost always choose this latter option.


Empathy, one of the many fruits of sensitivity, allows an individual to perceive what the other side of a negotiation is thinking.  This enhanced perception gives negotiators an uncanny edge over those lacking sensitive traits, making sensitivity one of the most profitable business traits an individual can possess.

Women can influence their working environment in a way more suitable to their own personalities, enhancing their company’s bottom line in the process.  After all, a women’s sensitivity can lead to better decision making.


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