A Man's Perspective: Curvy Women

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Alright, my fellow full figured ladies, the fashion magazines may be full of borderline anorexics, but we know that what you see on TV and on the runway isn’t a reflection of what most guys really care about. You may be unconventionally attractive with your seam busting curves- but that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt it. However, it’s understandable if you’re still a bit self-conscious due to all the pressure to conform to the proportions of a bean pole. That’s why we’re serving up a few tips on how you make the most of your ampleness.




There’s more to bigger girls, and we’re not just being cheeky. Your shape is more complex than those twigs you see in the magazines. That means you need to put more thought into your wardrobe. Make extra time to shop and take that time to find clothing items that work with your shape, not against it.
Pick structured fabrics

Because your shape is more complex than those uppity birds that the fashion world is so crazy about, certain parts of you are more appealing than others. That means you don’t want clothes that just fall where they’re placed. Choose items with formed components, ridges and planes that allow you to choose the shape you present to the world. If you’ve got a waistline, the right clothes can really do wonders for you. If not, you’ll need to work around it.
Leverage color and pattern

Vertical stripes can go a long way toward creating a slimming effect. Bright colors can be exciting, but they can also have an enlarging effect. Combine the slimming and enlarging effects of different colors to create the impression you want.


Remember, real beauty is about health, and health is best shown in the condition of your hair and skin. Take good care of your hair and skin. Use minimal product, and let your natural beauty shine.

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