6 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Boss Babe this New Year

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Boss Babes 2018
Boss babes: we all know and love them. It's become a way of life for so many female entrepreneurs and professionals. With our generation, culture, and society empowering women to support one another and reach higher than ever before, becoming a "boss babe" has become easier than ever before! 
Having launched a successful beauty brand and online store, I know what it takes to unless your inner boss babe. Below, I share my six secrets so you can unleash yours, too! 
1). Taking action - If you want something, you have to make it happen. Take control of your future by creating an actionable plan to launch or grow your dream business in 2018. Start by looking at your passion and purpose. How can you turn your passion into a business? Start business planning now! It's not too late. 
2). Becoming comfortable and confident in your own skin. Start by taking care of your outer appearance. Groom yourself and dress nicely. You'll be amazed how much better you feel when your hair is coiffed and you're dressed well. 
3). Learning how to manage your time effectively. When you're your own boss, time management is critical. To ensure you make all of your deadlines and meetings, using a project management app like Asana will keep you on track. Handwritten to-do lists also are also very effective.
4). Killing negative thoughts. Be aware of your self-talk. Whenever you hear yourself saying something negative, replace it with a positive thought. If you tell yourself something is too hard, you'll believe it. If you tell yourself you can do something, then you'll be more likely to do it.
5). Taking initiative and don't be afraid to go after your dreams. Starting a business is a scary endeavor because there of the uncertainty of the future and there are no guarantees. But if you have a plan that will help mitigate risk, then it will make it easier for you to take the initiative to follow your passion and dreams. 
6). Self-care is crucial to being productive so eating well, working out, and minimizing drinking alcohol. If you want to be productive and mentally alert, then you need to have a daily self-care routine. Start by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. 

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